How to Shop for the Right Cologne or Perfume


Most men and women are perfume or cologne lovers. Scents work by building your confidence when you socialize and make you feel better about yourself by making you smell better. There are also scents that create in you a very fine mood. When it comes to scents, perfumes and colognes for sale, the market has more than thousands to offer. If you talk of business, the business on wearable scents is among the most promising and profitable, with more than billions of dollars of earnings each year. With the passing of time, this has made competition to grow a lot stiffer. But on the side of consumers, a very challenging picking task needs to be made.

If you want to switch to a new scent and need some guidance in making a choice, then consider the tips provided below.


Colognes and perfumes contain various notes. The overall scent of a cologne or perfume is determined by its notes. Notes come in three layers: Base, top, and middle notes. All of this layers work in synergy in order to that a specific smell can be obtained. For instance, some scents are classified as floral. They contain various scent notes such as geranium, rose or gardenia. There are also fruitier scents. These, obviously, have undertones of fruits like apple and citrus. Learn more about scentmatchers, go here.

You can also fine exotic perfumes. These scents consist or spicy notes such as cinnamon and/or star anise. Scents for men also have various note composition. Musk scents have more masculine tone. You can also fine scents for men that smells like pine or have a leather-based note. Find out for further details right here

When selecting your scent, it is a good thing to consider its base notes. Following that, you need to check which smell you like wearing. Other people spend a lot of time in researching to be able to be more informed before buying a scent from the market.


Scents come in four different concentration levels. When the concentration is higher, usually the price goes up too. Not only that, scents that come with higher levels of concentration may also bear a stronger smell. And because they are highly concentrated, you can only look forward to them lasting longer. Although they are the ones that can be more expensive than others, some buyers feel that they are worth the buy. Perfume or parfum are the scents that come with the highest concentration. Following the parfum is the eau de parfum. It can last as long as six hours. The eau de toilette follows the eau de parfum. It is easy to find it in retail stores and is more affordable. The last in the list when it comes to fragrance concentration is the eau de cologne. Take a look at this link for more information.